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When you are dealing with an Insurance Claim, it is critical that you work with an expert in the Insurance Claims Process.

IFC stands for Insurance Funded Construction. For over 20 years, we have been working with homeowners to get their Roofing Systems and other damages on their property properly claimed with their Insurance Companies. 

You pay your deductible, and we make sure your Insurance covers the rest. Our agreement is that simple. 

We believe what makes us different is our ability to clearly create and maintain our Agreements. That is what makes us who we are. 

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Q. OK, so what do I do if I think I might have storm damage?

Step 1.

Call us to get a FREE Insurance-grade inspection.

 - we will let you know exactly what is going on with your roof 

*If you don't have enough damage for a new roof, or don't have a good hail date that qualifies, no problem. we will put you into our Membership Program and keep you dry and in good hands until the next storm. (as us for the details on our Membership Program). 

Step 2.

You assign us as your General Contractor so we can meet with your Insurance Adjuster and work with them to assure your scope of Damages are properly covered. 

Step 3.

File your Insurance Claim.

 - Let us know when the Adjuster will be at your property so we can meet them there.

Step 4. 

We meet the Adjuster at your home and make sure all of the Damages are covered properly so we can get the work completed and put you back to whole. 

We complete all of the approved work.

You pay your deductible, and we make sure your insurance covers the rest. 

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