IFC Roofing & Construction provides Roof Asset Management Programs which incorporate regular inspections and preventative maintenance. These programs that can add years of life to any roof.

IFC Roofing & Construction offers two levels of roof asset reporting to match your needs:

  • Streamlined Report:This report documents roof conditions with photos and recommended preventative maintenance, along with providing annual budget maintenance costs an estimated roof life expectancy.

  • Comprehensive Roof Report:This report documents roof conditions with computer roof drawings which provides all roof penetrations and deficiencies found, photos, visual history of repairs over multiple years, and recommended preventative repairs.


Property Managers:

  • Learn how to plan your roof maintenance and maintain your roof plan!

  • As property managers, you know that preventative maintenance is the key to greatly reducing the repair budget line item and extending the life of the roofs under your management.


  • Look to IFC Roofing & Construction at budget time… we can help!

  • We’ll inspect, detail necessary repairs and provide pictures and cost estimates. In short, we’ll give you everything you need in the way of backup to substantiate the Roof Repair/Preventative Maintenance or Capital Expense budget line items.


Asset Managers:

  • Stay on the cutting edge of roof maintenance programs, re-roof possibilities, choices in roof Designs, or the very latest in Green roofing techniques and ENERGY STAR products! Or would your managers to meet with us to get first hand maintenance tips.


Building Engineers:

  • Is the Emergency Response Plan for your roof in place? If not, we can help you develop a plan.

  • Or, if your interests lie in Green roofing options or maintenance programs we can tailor a discussion relevant to your situation.



  • Whether it’s the roof on the building you own and occupy or the roofs on buildings you own and lease, it is extremely important to have a clear understanding of every facet involved with this major component of your investment.  We can tailor a roofing discussion that addresses your needs and questions and, if required, IFC Roofing & Construction can prepare an action plan for managing your roof assets.