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As with any highly specialized craft, restoring your roofing system will take time. We will follow our exclusive, customized IFC Elite Process. This seven-step Process begins with scheduling your assessment and ends with the emergence of your beautifully restored roof.

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Most hail damage cannot be seen from the ground and requires a rooftop inspection. After hail impacts the shingle, a bruise is made in the shingle mat and granules are displaced. With the granules removed, the mat is exposed to the elements. The weathering and eroding that follows compromises the shingle and its ability to keep your home dry. You may not see evidence of the immediately because your roof may not leak for months after it has been damaged. Most insurance companies only allow a 12-month timeframe to file a claim after a storm. Don't wait until your roof leaks. 


Tina Jakowitsch

Commercial Property Owner - Ft Worth

3 things that IFC Roofing does that gives us peace of mind - 1. They are experts at working with our Insurance Carrier, 2. They perform high quality work, 3. Their maintenance program is second to none and adds real value to our partnership with them. In the roofing world they are true professionals, we are thankful they found us.

Wes Walser

Property Manager DFW

IFC Roofing came to us through a recommendation from another Property Management firm. We were told they would be thorough, give us an honest inspection of our roofs and were experts with communicating with Insurance Carriers. The speed at which they were able to execute from start to finish was not something we expected. It is refreshing to have a reliable partner to count on. Thank you IFC Roofing!

Michael Brady

Realtor / Commercial Property Manager - Colleyville

As a Property Management firm, we are always looking for advantages that set us apart in the marketplace. IFC Roofing is one of those resources. We had hail damage on a number of our roofs, some of which we didn't know the extent of the damage. We had been denied claims 3 times. When IFC Roofing showed up to the scene, they were able to work with our insurance to get our roofs paid for, after they had been previously denied. This saved us valuable time and money. IFC also worked with us to find ways to stretch our dollar and upgrade many of our existing roofs. They saved us time, money and delivered a product that makes us shine in the face our clients. We will never use another roofing company. IFC roofing is a partner for life.


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